A Big Thank You

Hi every one,

It is your abap blogger Suresh.

This SAP ABAP COMPLETE blog is having 400 posts now and this blog has came across a long journey.

At least some of 5oo+ readers know the journey completely.

It is started around March 2007 and every day i tried my best to make it better in terms of subject as well as look.

Your support through out this journey is incredible and i shall say A BIG THANKS
to all of you.

To day is another mile stone in the life of this blog.

It has got a very fresh look and you can feel the difference.

At least i believe that the new design is more user friendly and gives better experience .

Until yesterday the blog look like this.

And the new look is like this.

How do you feel the difference ?

Your comments are most welcome and gives me some thoughts and insights.

Are you happy with this blog ?

What topics of the blog are boring and inconsistent ?

What topics of sap abap it has not covered ?

What makes this blog better?

Let me know from your side.
Any way thank you once agian.

Update June 2013

Well.The journey is in continuation.There is now all most thousand posts in sap  abap blog and the
discussion is well extended now to other topics like FICO,CRM AND BW.
Let me add the new look picture here.Your comments are very much welcome.


  1. i dunno how your previous interface was but your contents are rich,great posts!
    Keep up your good work